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Embark on a transformative exploration of Self with our free e-workbook, AWAKENED. This guide is designed to elevate your self-awareness, renew your mindset, and help you take charge of your life's direction.

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"What a wonderful way to guide someone through their mid/quarter life crisis....I would highly recommend this workbook for women going through a break up or major life change."

ChavonneChavonneWellness Entrepreneur

"This workbook is such a gem and gave me a step-by-step approach to define what my path toward healing is, and how to cultivate a healing mindset. The workbook puts you face forward with a tough challenge: self-reflection."

DyuannaDyuannaResilience Coach

"This guide was the refresher my soul needed. Healing journeys require tune-ups & this guide delivered, big-time! It's organized & full of vibrant examples of how to glow up!"

LiaLiaFreelance Writer

Accelerate Your Journey Back To Self

This e-workbook will guide you  through the readliness steps that will supercharge your spiritual and personal growth.

What you'll get:

  • Self-Empowerment Tools: Self-reflection prompts to help you process and understand your authentic Self and inner desires.
  • Mindset Renewal: Strategies to shift your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Clarity & Direction: Practical steps to shape your future with confidence and purpose.
  • Readiness for Rebirth: Transform life experiences into life lessons & wisdom to find your place in this world

Meet Our Founder, Sandra: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Healing & Personal Evolution

Divorce and burnout catalyzed my spiritual awakening when I was 37. I realized I had been living by societal expectations rather than my own desires and values.


To find happiness and realize my potential, I knew I had to start living in harmony with my inner demands.


My journey of self-discovery and healing taught me the importance of understanding our lives and our experiences in the context of something bigger than ourselves. It's what gives our lives meaning.


Healing Is The New Sexy® was born out of my desire to help women harness the power of self-discovery and healing as a pathway to their own spiritual and personal evolution.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let us be your partner in personal evolution.

Please check your email. Your e-workbook is on its way and will be available for your to download.

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