Healing Is The New Sexy® ASSESSMENTS

Self-Assessment tools designed to guide you on your transformative journey

Introducing Healing Is The New Sexy® ASSESSMENTS

Healing Is The New Sexy® ASSESSMENTS is a collection of powerful self-assessment tools designed to guide you on your transformative journey. We believe that self-discovery is a continuous and enriching process, and our assessments are crafted to support and equip you along the way.

Our assessments are more than just tools; they are companions on your inner journey. Each one is tailored to provide valuable insights, encourage self-reflection, and guide you towards a deeper understanding of your unique essence. Learn more about our available assessments.

How To Use Assessments

Tools to turbo charge your inner journey

Select an assessment below to embark on a journey of self-discovery. These tools are here to empower you with instant results, providing immediate feedback and actionable steps to navigate the intricate paths of your inner world.

Each assessment only takes between 2-5 minutes – a small investment for big clarity and understanding.

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Inner Journey Assessment

Pinpoint your journey location and chart your course forward with clarity, confidence and ease. This assessment is a personalized road map for self-exploration and transformative growth. Great for anyone needing guidance or feeling lost.

Recreational Therapy Assessment

Uncover your recreational activity archetype and pinpoint the perfect activities to try. This assessment helps you explore the therapeutic benefits of intentional recreation for personal growth and well-being. Great for anyone interested in ways to turn leisure time into opportunities for self-discovery.

What Is Self-Assessment?

self-assessment (verb) /self/ a•sess•ment.

Self-assessment is the deliberate and mindful process of evaluating one’s own abilities, characteristics, and overall well-being. It involves introspection and an honest examination of personal strengths, weaknesses, goals, and values. Through intentional self-examination, individuals gain valuable insights into their current state, paving the way for informed decisions and a deeper connection to their inner selves. Self-assessment is an empowering practice that serves as a compass on the journey of self-discovery, healing, and inner growth.

Healing Is The New Sexy® ASSESSMENTS

Get immediate, actionable insights to improve your navigation on your journey inward with Healing Is The New Sexy® ASSESSMENTS.