Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY

Your gateway to inner wisdom through curated books, podcasts & videos 

Introducing Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY

Step into the Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY, a sanctuary of curated resources crafted to enrich your path of self-discovery, healing and inner growth. Our Reading Room, Podcast Room, and Video Room are filled with handpicked gems to inspire and empower you.

Embark on a journey within as you navigate through the collections. Each piece has been thoughtfully chosen to illuminate your way, offering insights, perspectives, and wisdom from diverse sources. The Library is more than a repository; it’s a guide to support you on your transformative quest. Learn more about our library rooms.

How To Use The Library

Discover your next source of inspiration

Navigate the Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY with ease and purpose. Here’s how:

  1. Explore the Rooms: Journey through our Reading Room, Podcast Room, and Video Room. Each room offers a unique perspective and valuable insights.
  2. Dive into Content: Select your preferred medium—books, podcasts, or videos. Find content that resonates with your current path.
  3. Connect with Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the wisdom curated for your inner journey. Let the content be a companion on your path of self-discovery.
  4. Expand Your Horizons: The Library is a diverse collection. Open your mind to new ideas and perspectives. Let the wisdom within guide and inspire you.

Begin your journey in the Reading Room, Podcast Room, & Video Room!

Choose a Library Room

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Reading Room

Dive into the Reading Room – a curated selection of must-read titles inspired by texts that played a significant role in our founder’s journey. These books, along with other recommendations, are designed to help you gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Podcast Room

Step into the Podcast Room, where we’ve gathered the best conversations from leading voices of women and men. Our curated selection of podcasts aims to provide diverse perspectives and support your inward journey. Tune in to these insightful discussions that touch on various aspects of personal growth.

Video Room

Explore the Video Room – a space filled with teachings, wisdom, and messages to motivate, encourage, and inspire you on your path. Our curated videos offer a visual and auditory experience, delivering valuable content to support your inner journey.

Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY

Dive into the wisdom of books, engage in soul-stirring conversations through podcasts, and immerse yourself in transformative lessons via our video selection in the Healing Is The New Sexy® LIBRARY.