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Empowering Women On Transformative Journeys To Reprogram, Redefine, and Reimagine Their Lives

Healing Is The New Sexy® is a self-exploration resource hub and sanctuary for women navigating through periods of self-evolution, discovery and healing, striving to live as the fullest expression of themselves.

Life’s unexpected moments—such as a loss, a shift in consciousness, or a significant life change—can prompt an internal awakening, leading to a profound spiritual journey towards understanding and embracing one’s true self.

We provide a safe space to share, understand and honor these experiences, offering genuine insights, practical tools, and supportive discussions within an uplifting community of women. Together, we navigate the path to embracing and embodying authenticity at every stage of your evolving identity.

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Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to serving as a haven for women seeking guidance and support as they awaken to their inner need for change, growth, and personal evolution. 

Meet Our Founder

Sandra embarked on a spiritual quest of self-discovery to live her fully expressed life after finding herself in an identity crisis, triggered by loss, divorce, and dissatisfaction in her legal career. She was in limbo about who she thought she was, and who she wanted to be, while trying to live up to sociocultural expectations & meet the demands of life.

After years of inner-self development, Sandra intimately understands that how we respond to the unpredictable clash between our external and internal worlds determines whether we progress or stagnate.

Recognizing that ‘life education’ often fails to equip women to manage their shifting identity and growth needs with survival needs, she created a safe space for women to process and grow through their experiences within an uplifting community.

Our Approach

A collaborative approach centered around introspection and self-reflection to extract the lessons from life experiences, helping you make sense of your personal journey while also learning from the experiences of others. This shared wisdom becomes a powerful tool to guide ourselves and our lives, facilitating a deeper spiritual awakening and transformation.


A Fully Expressed Woman's Key To Success

Our personal stories and life experiences have a unique ability to guide and inspire, offering unfiltered wisdom that resonates deeply.


Explore and uncover parts of yourself, gaining clarity on your evolving identity and true self


Learn from the experiences and tools that have helped others elevate in mind, body & spirit


Share your experiences, insights, & information to enrich the collective wisdom of the community

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to navigate personal evolution with clarity and intention, fostering a fulfilling & meaningful journey.

Our Vision

An authentic space empowering women to design lives that are the fullest expression of their true selves, values, passions, & purpose.

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It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

– Rumi