Discover Your Unique Self-Exploration Style

Unlock self-discovery resources to build your inner journey toolbox and guide your path

Pinpoint the perfect starting point to build your inner journey toolbox on the path to self-discovery, healing, and inner growth.

Self-Explorer Personality Quiz

Discover your self-exploration personality archetype through a series of quick, intuitive questions to identify your unique approach to navigating self-exploration & gain tailored insights for your journey. You’ll receive a personalized Resource Starting Point Map to kickoff your transformation.

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Why Take the Self-Explorer Personality Quiz?

Enjoy a resource starting point to power your inner guidance system. Here’s how this quiz elevates your guided exploration experience:

  • Tailored Resources: Access resources tailored to your Self-Explorer Personality.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Explore our platform confidently with personalized tips.
  • Interactive Introduction: Get acquainted with our self-directed approach in a fun and engaging way.
  • Your Personalized Gateway: The Resource Starting Point Map sets the stage for guiding yourself on a transformative adventure.

Get Instant Insights in Minutes!

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Unlock Your Resource Starting Point Map

More than insights, it’s the fuel to power your inner guidance system & point you in the right direction to begin filling your inner journey toolbox with resources that resonate.

Inside your Resource Starting Point Map You’ll Find:

Take the quiz to receive your personality-specific Resource Starting Point Map and uncover where to begin your transformative journey with Healing Is The New Sexy®.

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What Is An Inner Journey Toolbox?

inner journey toolbox (noun) /in•ner/ jour•ney / tool•box.

Inner Journey Toolbox refers to a personalized collection of resources and tools that individuals use to navigate their inner journey of self-discovery, healing & inner growth with Healing Is The New Sexy®. It serves as a toolkit, allowing the individual to tailor and customize their approach, acquiring perspectives, knowledge, and tools along the way to inform & enhance their inner guidance system.

What Is An Inner Guidance System?

inner guidance system (noun) /in•ner/ gui•dance / sys•tem.

Inner Guidance System refers to the internal compass guiding individuals on their personal inner journey of self-discovery, healing, and inner growth. It represents the intuitive understanding of oneself and the ability to navigate life’s complexities from within. This innate intuitive component  provides individuals with a deeper connection to their inner wisdom as they navigate the intricate terrain of their inner worlds.