Empower Your
Healing Journey &
Your Return to Self

A transformative self-reflection guide to elevate your self-awareness, renew your mind & take charge of your life’s direction.

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Action & Accountability

Get our FREE e-workbook and be part of our private accountability group of like-minded women committed to making shift happen. 

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Self-Reflection e-Workbook

AWAKENED: Empower Your Healing Journey & Your Return to Self is a self-paced, guided self-reflection to deep-dive and explore the things blocking you from living as your truest Self & define a path forward. No schedule, but recommend 1-3 days per step for reflection, practice and integration.

Accountability Group

Women who are serious about doing “the work” also get access to our private Facebook accountability group for self-transformation. This is a safe space to talk about your workbook progress and where you can be open, vulnerable and real as you move through your self-discovery & healing journey. 

The wound is the place where the light enters you.