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Watch | Tyler Perry: Fight the Fear and Anxiety Trying to Hold You Back

Tyler Perry joins Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church to talk about the importance of running after your dreams. Listen as Tyler Perry teaches how to overcome and fight the fear and anxiety that tries to keep you from your purpose.

Watch the clip or the full message from Tyler now.

Video Clip Length: 8:47 / Video Full Length: 45:25

0:00 Intro
2:25 Humble Beginnings
6:37 God Will Lead
12:05 Forgiving Abusers
14:20 God Is Working
19:22 Don’t Stop!
23:33 Tyler Perry Sermon
31:37 Anxiety in Bible

Key Takeaways from Tyler Perry on:

  1. Feeling Anxiety: “If are wondering if you are the sacrifice, you are not. God did not bring you this far to leave you, you are not about to die, you are not about to lose everything. You are not the sacrifice.”
  2. Overcoming Anxiety: “What do you do in this moment with your anxiety? How do get past it? How do you rest? How do you find peace? …. You climb and maintain.” (aka pray and worship)
  3. Climbing & Maintaining: “Some people are not equipped to handle the altitudes you are going to”.
  4. Chasing Your Dreams: “When God has dream for you, it is your dream. There are people who love you that think they are saying the right things to try to protect you, or there are people that have been in your life and watched you grow up, but they don’t know what God has put inside of you because they think they are too familiar with you. But what you have to understand is that when God has something for you, you have to go for it fully.”



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